Welcome to Emma Soulsby Flowers!  I believe that every wedding is unique and individual to every couple.  I specialise in weddings on any budget and so I don’t have a minimum spend.  I am always thrilled to be part of the celebration, whatever the scale.  I can supply bridal party flowers only, or go all out to create breathtaking installations to give your beautiful venue that extra special something for your perfect day.

I don’t have prices on my website as these always depend on the size, season and type of flower for each arrangement.  Don’t worry though, we’ll discuss this in great detail during your free phone consultation.  Once we’ve spoken and I’ve got to know you and what you’d like the fun really starts!  I’ll arrange to meet you at your venue so we can go through the specifics and make sure we are all on the same creative page.

Once you’ve booked with Ladybird Flowers, I don’t take any other enquiries or bookings for your special day, as I want to ensure my sole focus and passion is dedicated to you.

I’m based in London but love travelling around the country.  This year, apart from the London weddings, I have the pleasure of travelling to Leeds, Wales and County Durham.


If you would like to book your free consultation, please email me and I will get back to you with a time for us to speak.

Have a wonderful day,  Em.

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