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A Stunningly Elegant Two Temple Place Wedding

Today we’re going back to May, and one of the most beautiful wedding installations I’ve had the pleasure of creating. Sandra and Laurent had chosen the wood panelled splendour of Two Temple Place for their big day. Together with powerhouse wedding planner Louise Perry, we visited the venue to scope out the space and brainstorm ideas for the florals.

The Staircase of Dreams

Now, there were a number of really special floral touches at this Two Temple Place wedding, but I can’t go any further without talking about the staircase, or ‘the staircase of dreams’ as it has become known. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it the focal point. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture – properly sweeping and grand, and with gorgeous carvings on the lintels. I wanted to design an opulent suite of flowers that would look as if they were flowing down this magnificent staircase.

Two Temple Place is a Grade II listed building, which is always a bit of a challenge. Of course, in any venue we want to make sure we leave no trace after the last petal has left the building, but with a listed premise it’s even more important. My team and I needed to be extra vigilant during set up – no drop of water spilled, no fastening tied too tight, no thorns in contact with the wood. Thankfully, everything came together beautifully and without a hitch.

Sandra and Laurent wanted a colour palette of blush, dusky rose and cream – music to my ears as it meant I could use some of my favourite flowers. We built this staircase cascade of flowers using creamy peonies, astilbe, lisianthus, delicate lily of the valley, pale orchids and a whole host of gorgeously full roses.

Fabulously Fragrant

This combination of flowers had the most heady, delicious perfume. By the time we were finished, the whole venue was beautifully scented. I’d even go as far as to say that Sandra’s bouquet was the best smelling I’ve ever created.

This was a very flower heavy wedding (about which I was obviously thrilled!) As well as the staircase (of dreams), my team and I adorned the mantelpieces with flowers and candles. Every chair had its own miniature arrangement in the ceremony room, and the reception tables were set with low glass vases of flowers and lots of candles. The finished look was sumptuous and classically romantic. I loved it!

A Time Challenge

I’m hugely thankful to my team for this setup, as we had a mammoth amount to get done, and a mere two hours in which to do it! The thought of it still makes my palms a little sweaty if I’m honest. I would urge you to build in significantly more time for your floral set up. Large installations especially are big both in scale and complexity, and time can get eaten up at what feels like warp speed during the installs!

We were part of a brilliant larger team for this wedding. Louise Perry brought everything to fruition absolutely beautifully, and I have to give a shout out to the William Norris & Co caterers. These guys not only provided incredible food for the couple and their guests, they helped me with the take down of my flowers long after midnight.

Sandra and Laurent – your wedding was a romantic and elegant delight. I loved being a part of it, and will be having happy dreams about your rose staircase cascade for many months to come.

Image credits: Helen Warner Photography

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