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A Summer Wedding At Syon Park

Today is a happy day as I’m sharing the light-filled loveliness that was Juyoung and Rob’s summer wedding at Syon Park. The grand and glorious conservatory here can really take your breath away, and on a hot July day like this one, it’s a sunlit marvel.

This wedding was a luxury florist’s dream. Juyoung and Rob were the most fantastic couple to work with. They had a definite vision for what they wanted, and gave me a brilliant brief: clear and concise, with just the right amount of scope for me to get creative. My team and I worked hard to design this gorgeous pair a suite of flowers that was at once luxuriously textured and artfully restrained.

Jasmine Scented and Japanese Inspired

We worked with a palette of white and green to create something clean, fresh and timelessly elegant. Using sweet peas, my favourite peonies, Singapore orchids, roses, stocks and lots of lush green foliage, we created low arrangements on the two outer tables, and a huge hanging installation to float along the central table in the Great Conservatory. This artistic and fragrant piece was made all the more special because of the jasmine that was painstakingly woven through it. Jasmine blossoms are really important to Juyoung and her mum, and the beautifully scented blossoms looked like little stars among the leaves. I was so happy to be able to include them.

The thing I loved most about the arrangements, bouquets and floral installations for this summer wedding at Syon Park was that every flower had its place. Juyoung knew the varieties and types of flowers she ideally wanted – those that had meaning for her and that she particularly loved. While I was able to work in my signature luxury wild and transformative floral style, Juyoung’s vision for her flowers made for a considered, artful and exceptionally beautiful look. I’m just in love with this hanging arrangement!

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

The wedding day gave us beautiful blue skies, but under the glass dome of Syon Park’s Great Conservatory, temperatures during set up were sky high! Summer weddings in settings like this bring their own challenges for florists, and this particular set up had us all dreaming of ice baths and cold lemonade! I confess to sticking my head under the cold tap at one point – not glamorous, but intensely necessary!

While my team and I might have wilted slightly in the heat, it was vital that our flowers didn’t. Now, normally, I’d buy flowers for a wedding a couple of days beforehand, to allow them to open in their own sweet time and be at their best on the day. For this July wedding, I knew the temperatures would be in the 30s, so everything was more intense and the flowers would react more quickly. I bought the flowers the day before, to make sure we didn’t miss the window at which they’d be their most beautiful, and was careful and creative with their conditioning and irrigation in the arrangements themselves. No thirsty blooms here. Thankfully, they looked perfect for Juyoung and Rob’s wedding. At the end of the evening, the guests gathered flowers together, creating their own mini arrangements to take home. I love this idea, and it makes me so happy to think of my flowers for this summer wedding at Syon Park being scattered across the country and brightening up people’s homes.

Are you dreaming of flowers that wow for your wedding day? Why not get in touch and tell me about your plans. I love to create luxury floral installations that are as unique as you are, and would love to design something special just for you.

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Gyan Gurung Photography

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