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Bringing The Wow Factor At Aynhoe Park

Elaborate floral infinity symbol arch with roses and delphiniums at Aynhoe Park

Right, guys and gals, buckle in: this wedding is one of my favourites to date and I am likely to use lots of overexcited exclamation marks as I share it with you. And I’m not even sorry! Ready? Here we go.

Mahrya and Shahnaan chose Aynhoe Park for their wedding celebration. Aynhoe is one of those venues that feels like it’s been enchanted. It mixes all-out elegance with some pretty serious quirk – think unicorns, and cheetahs adorning the grand piano and colonnades, a ceiling that shimmers with gigantic suspended glitter balls, and a life-sized giraffe floating up and away on huge white balloons! It has to be seen to be believed, and every corner tends to make your jaw hit the floor. I absolutely love this crazy place!

Aynhoe Park is somewhere that can’t help but fire up the imagination, so when creative powerhouse wedding planner Rachel at Mirabella Weddings got in touch with me, I was over the moon at the prospect of creating some wow-factor flowers. After all, in a space like this, it would be rude not to!

Collection of taxidermy at Aynhoe park. Unicorn, polar bear and giraffes.

Aynhoe Park orangery with aisle meadow of white and peach flowers

More Magical Than A Unicorn

My goal was to create something so lush and theatrical that it would keep pace with the amazing atmosphere of the venue (and, if I’m being really honest, something that would drop guests’ jaws even more than the unicorn and his wild friends!). Mahrya and Shahnaan wanted a celebration of the summer, and to my mind, the summer always smells like roses. My brilliant team and I created a huge installation at the end of the aisle. Part arch, part infinity symbol, I used an abundance of white majolica, finesse and o hara garden roses and the palest dusky pink of sahara spray roses down one curve (the smell was absolutely divine!). Then I flowed things outwards into a looser and more textured display, punctuated with peonies, full hydrangeas and tall spears of delphinium.

Details of dramatic floral arch at Aynhoe Park, filled with white and pink roses

Lush dramatic floral arch with roses and delphiniums at Aynhoe Park

A Meadow, But Make It Majestic

The finished installation looked as though summer had crept in through the windows and taken hold, and we wanted to keep this feeling going. The aisle was lined with scattered petals and textured arrangements in white, pale pink, creamy peach and lush green. I included lily of the valley with its mighty summer perfume, and echoed the shape of the aisle arrangements in larger, more elaborate versions bursting along the window ledges.

Aisle meadow with low arrangements and petals

When it came to the tables, we kept things comparatively simple with fresh, clean and low arrangements in the centres. Marhya and Shahnaan’s cake was a four tiered geometric epic by Monannie Cakes, and we added an arrangement of roses and two tall and flamboyant pieces to flank it on either side and give it the sort of dramatic stage setting it deserved.

Tiered geometric wedding cake with tall floral arrangements either side

This was the sort of brief that dreams are made of: seasonal, summery and open to flights of fancy. It allowed me to be equal parts intricate and imaginative and I loved every second of it! If you’re planning a wedding and you’ve got big floral dreams, then get in touch. Flowers that wow are my favourite kind, and I’d love to help you make those dreams a reality.


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