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Making An Entrance At The Kimpton Fitzroy

Much as I love a brief where I’m filling a whole room with flowers and having them tumble and cascade across pretty much every surface, sometimes, it’s selecting one or two statement pieces that gives the most impact. For Amani and Firas, that’s exactly what we did.

This beautiful couple held their wedding at the Kimpton Fitzroy hotel in Bloomsbury, London. What a glorious building! It manages to hang on to its history with grace and opulence, but its contemporary interior design touches mean it never feels like you’re in a museum.

The ballroom we were flowering is a fiesta of gilt and gold, marble columns, amazing plasterwork and enormous windows. I’m not going to lie, I had to stop and take a minute when I walked in – the lightin this place is just incredible. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: when you’re blessed with high-ceilings and huge airy spaces, subtlety in your floral designs is not your friend. I knew we needed to go BIG, and the enormous double doors framed by marble columns were crying out to be adorned with an arch-to-end-all-arches.

An Enchanted Archway

This is one of the biggest and widest arches we’ve done, and I wanted it to feel powerfully natural, to contrast with the wonderfully rich architecture. We started with foliage, choosing deep greens, curling tendrils and longer branches to keep things feeling loose and wild.

The aim here was a sense of enchantment, without tipping over into whimsy. Elegance is key, and elegance often lies in a muted colour palette. I led with white, weaving in bursts of pure white hydrangea, white dahlia, spears of fragrant stocks and sprays of delicate white majolica roses. To warm things up slightly, I interspersed the rich cream of milky way roses and some gorgeously blousy and very open quicksand roses and their dusky pink petals.

Top Table Splendour

To balance the archway and keep a floral focus throughout the room, I designed a staggered top table arrangement with a big wow.

I started up high with tall urns filled with white hydrangeas in an alcove behind the table. Your eyes are then drawn downwards to a series of smoky glass bud vases of roses, and then further down to floor level, where an explosion of white flowers and lush foliage runs along the base of the table like an indoor meadow.

I love being able to play with structure like this, and to create layers of flowers that give a contemporary edge to my signature wild and abundant style.

Amani and Firas, your wedding was an absolute gem, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of it.

If you’re looking for impactful, artistic and oh-so-elegant flowers for your wedding celebration, then get in touch and say hello! I’d love to hear about what you’re planning and to see how I can help.

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